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Pollso is an independent Mobile
Games Studio specialized in app
concepts and development.

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Pollso is a fresh
Mobile Game Studio,
specialized in App concepts
and Development.

If we stop playing, we grow old. Pollso is a Mobile Game Studio by AQuest, specialized in App concepts, Character Design and Development. Based in London, it includes an international trained team, focused on mobile videogames for games lovers and private clients.

We start from scratch, being inspired from what surrounds us. Then the imagination kicks in and some very engaging plots, characters and tricks come to life.
Follow the clues, we’ve got some Power-Ups to share with you!

Character Design
Game Concept
Game Design
Game Development

How We

Character Design

Sometimes Characters are Heroes, sometimes they are just good looking and have the oddest shapes. People grow fond of them and lots of games are iconic thank to them. We are focused on their personality as much as all their distinctive features to build them effectively into the plot. We design our Characters with extreme care for the details and that’s our signature

Game concepts

Princesses, castles, moats! If you have that in mind, please return to the previous level and try again. Our game concepts pop up from an intuition and are then developed into a complete story. We want the players to be involved in a compelling mission, defining from the characters to the levels, tricks and steps. Are you prepared to take the challenge up?

Game design

Captivating. That’s how our games are meant to be. Design is the fuel for our engine, it definitely makes the difference in the whole game concept. Our designers aim for a neat usability, interaction, a unique line and, most of all, for your entertainment. Each aspect of the game, including colors, shapes and movements is planned carefully. It’s a perfect combo, isn’t it?

Game development

It’s a matter of code, but also of technology. We use our technical knowledge to make our games fluid and glitchless. We like experimenting, like geeky explorers in the cyberspace. It’s very important for us to be updated and ready to check what the science world offers. Bring it on!

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